20 Sep

Behind The Scenes!

Airwaves Music Team

You’ve heard about them before, but now you know what our team looks like! The only person missing from this shot is Shayla, our Executive Assistant, but her profile is here for you to check out: Shayla Harrison Linkedin

We’ve seen a real difference since bringing this great team on board. With Dylan Basile as our Vice President, things have really been running smoothly for the past few months. The best thing we ever did was hire Genessa Knight and Shayla Harrison, both with backgrounds and educations in wedding and event planning. Who better to chat with you about music for your wedding or party than an actual trained event planner? That’s something we’re quite proud of!

Our sales girls in the middle include Jocelyn Ott and Stephanie Walker. Stephanie is also an amazing and talented artist and performs with Airwaves as well. I’m the guy on the far right with the beard but to be honest my team is both smarter and more talented than I am! I’m just the guy that makes sure things keep on charging forward and that our musicians and DJs are well looked after. I’m a guitarist myself so performing as a musician is a lifelong passion that I’ve always had. It can be tough out there and I want all of our musicians to know that we really appreciate their talent and professionalism. I think live music makes the world a much more interesting, amazing place to live.

I also want to take this chance to thank Jeff over at Kelowna Website Design for all his help with our websites over the years. It seems like we are always redoing it, but we want it to be the best it can be for our customers. It should be easy to use, informative and fun to cruise around on!

Anyways, on that note, we should have some exciting company news soon. Now you know what we all look like. We are a little family here at Airwaves and I couldn’t be prouder of the team members I work with. I really love my job!

-Bob Graham, Director/Student of the Guitar at Airwaves