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26 May

What to Ask your Wedding DJ before you get Married

Vancouver Wedding DJs Booking a wedding
8 Jan
Congratulations on Your Holiday Engagement! Now What to Do

Congratulations on Your Holiday Engagement! Now What to Do?

The holiday season is traditionally one of the biggest times of year for proposals between loving couples. Your guy could have surprised you during Christmas or New Year’s by making the proposal at the right moment. He might have even taken advantage of friends and family getting together to celebrate the holidays so that all… View Article
22 Jun

5 Checkmarks to Make Your Wedding in BC 100% Legal.

Are you one of those lucky couples who happen to have their wedding in beautiful British Columbia? Congratulations! You have chosen the right place to get married and here are the reasons why: gorgeous views, and unique locations that come together to make your day unforgettable. Another added bonus is that the legal part of… View Article
15 Jun

7 Hottest Wedding Trends for 2016

With every wedding season comes new wedding trends that draw the bride and groom away from classic wedding styles and add something new and fun to the mix. With the rise of DIY weddings, brides have begun to do many creative things in order to set themselves apart. So we thought we would give you… View Article