11 Mar

Kelowna Wedding DJs

Trying to find the perfect entertainment for your upcoming wedding, can be a very time-consuming and overwhelming process! Which style of music? Live Band or DJ? So many decisions, that in the end, it can all start to sound the... View Article

11 Mar

Calgary Wedding Djs

Looking for the perfect DJ for your upcoming Calgary wedding, but feeling overwhelmed? Finding the right live entertainment for your wedding can be tiring and confusing. There are lots of options for live entertainment out there. At Airwaves, our difference is... View Article

11 Mar

Kamloops Wedding DJs

Selecting the right DJ for your wedding can be an overwhelming exercise as there are many options for live entertainment out there! How do you narrow down those options? Easy: Choose Airwaves. At Airwaves, our difference is simple. What we do... View Article