13 Dec

Tis The Season To Drive Safe! – Airwaves Music –

As someone that lived in Canada my whole life, i’ve seen it all. I talk in terms of winter. I currently spend my driving time in the city of Vancouver but up until 2 years ago, I learned on the treacherous roads of Edmonton, Alberta. I’ve seen car accidents before my very eyes that could… View Article
13 Dec

The Office Christmas Party Guide, Part 4 – Airwaves Music –

Part 3 has interesting points and is FOUND HERE! More General Tips – If your party involves seating, make a point of not putting departments together. Randomize who people are sitting beside and with. Allow the opportunity for people to get to know the people that work in the building, but are 100 feet away…. View Article
13 Dec

The Office Christmas Party Guide, Part 3 – Airwaves Music –

Incase you’re behind, PARTS 1 & 2 CAN BE FOUND HERE! Pick A Theme Based on your party size, more often then not it is impossible to please everyone in attendance. It is ultimately a judgement call to what you think will fit your office attendees the best. Don’t pick a theme or activity you… View Article
13 Dec

The Office Christmas Party Guide, Part 2 – Airwaves Music –

If you missed it, catch up with PART 1 HERE! – Give your workers incentive to come. If they know the next 2 or 3 hours are just going to be sit, snack and chat, then theirs really not a whole lot to look forward to. Give them a reason to attend thats outside the box…. View Article