29 Oct

Is a Wedding Planner Necessary?

Wedding planners are not a necessity to having a smooth running wedding. How ever, they are warranted in certain scenarios. If your budget allows for one, its hard to say no to. Having someone else stuff envelops and do all... View Article

29 Oct

Wedding Guestbook Ideas

A wedding is something that a couple will never forget. Find quirky and fun ways to make that statement even truer, can be traced back to the guestbook. Seeing a list of attendees can be something to look back on... View Article

29 Oct

The Online Wedding RSVP – Vancouver

The Vancouver wedding scene isn’t immune to the rise of technology. Technology is starting to creep its way into the wedding scene, along with almost everything else in our modern society. The use of the online RSVP really isnt anything... View Article

25 Oct

A Summer Weekend In Calgary

This summer, a handful of friends and I made a decision, on a whim to make the trip to Calgary for this globally know event called the Calgary Stampede. I was however, at the time, in my home city of... View Article