30 Oct

The Power Of Music In Film

Who was the last person to win the best feature film score at the Grammys? For a lot of people, they just don’t know. Its not an area they pay attention to during the highly dressed award show. Yet at... View Article

30 Oct

Music’s Power Over Your Mood

As we all know, music has the unique power to control our emotions. It can amplify the feeling of sorrow, happiness, energy or what ever the circumstance calls for. Ive learned over the years not to listen to music based... View Article

29 Oct

Calgary DJs – What Does it Take to DJ?

A lot of people often wonder what a DJ is doing on stage?┬áBesides controlling the music and changing songs, how difficult is it to DJ? Just looking at a DJ’s setup can be intriguing, but off putting to someone who... View Article