31 Oct

Victoria Wedding: Venues Around the City

Victoria is a unique city. With gorgeous architecture, a smaller city vibe and the ocean attached to all that, its a great place to look into tying the knot. Finding that BC scenery has reached its pinnacle in Victoria. Shopping... View Article

31 Oct

Inn at Laurel Point

Wedding Venues We Love -By Victoria DJ-Airwaves Music Victoria wedding DJ company, Airwaves Music, features the Inn at Laurel Point! This wedding venue is extremely unique in that it is surrounded by Victoria’s inner harbour and even has its very... View Article

31 Oct

Kamloops Wedding: Male Fashion

Formal wear for a wedding includes the standard suit. Virtually every male that walks through the door of the reception will be wearing some sort of sport coat, blazer or dress jacket. But to those that don’t require a suit... View Article