30 Sep
Female DJ

How To Hire a Wedding DJ – Part 2

This past week, I had a mission- Find a few new DJs for our roster in the Okanagan Valley. In a span of just 2 days, I called 15 DJs and interviewed 12 in person. I ended up choosing just 5 to go through our 15 step system. Of them, I expect 1 or 2… View Article
20 Sep
Airwaves Music Team

Behind The Scenes!

You’ve heard about them before, but now you know what our team looks like! The only person missing from this shot is Shayla, our Executive Assistant, but her profile is here for you to check out: Shayla Harrison Linkedin We’ve seen a real difference since bringing this great team on board. With Dylan Basile as our… View Article
18 Sep

Karma and Why It Matters

By Kamloops DJ Company Airwaves Music Today had me thinking a lot about Karma. We are busy putting together our roster of wedding DJs in Kamloops and it seems that everyone in the city knows each other in some way. It’s just like Kelowna, where I grew up. Everyone is connected and business is intertwined… View Article
17 Sep
Kelowna DJ Les Darroux

How To Hire a Wedding DJ – Part 1

By Airwaves Music DJs Providing the best DJs in Kelowna, Vancouver, Kamloops, Victoria and Calgary After running a DJ company for the last 5 years, I have spoken with over 100 DJ applicants in Kelowna and Vancouver over the years and now we are expanding outwards to new cities, meeting even more DJs. I wrote… View Article