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4 Dec

Tips for Planning a Successful Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a major undertaking, requiring a significant amount of time. You might feel like you are being pulled in too many different directions from different sources, ranging from work to friends and family commitments, as well as trying to plan your wedding. Fortunately, you are never alone! There is help available… View Article
1 Nov

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect place to get married and have your reception requires several steps. Before you get start searching for wedding venues, the first step is to sit down with your fiancé and discuss what type of wedding celebration you both desire. During this process, take into consideration the following: Your wedding budget and how… View Article
13 Aug

Choosing the Best Wedding DJs in Kelowna

The second most important aspect of your special day, next to walking down the aisle, and saying “I do,” is choosing the best Kelowna wedding DJs to perform at your wedding receptions. There is a wide array of options to choose from when selecting the entertainment for your wedding day. To help ensure you find… View Article
22 Jun

5 Checkmarks to Make Your Wedding in BC 100% Legal.

Are you one of those lucky couples who happen to have their wedding in beautiful British Columbia? Congratulations! You have chosen the right place to get married and here are the reasons why: gorgeous views, and unique locations that come together to make your day unforgettable. Another added bonus is that the legal part of… View Article