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15 Jun

7 Hottest Wedding Trends for 2016

With every wedding season comes new wedding trends that draw the bride and groom away from classic wedding styles and add something new and fun to the mix. With the rise of DIY weddings, brides have begun to do many creative things in order to set themselves apart. So we thought we would give you… View Article
31 May
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Making Sure of the Magic: A Checklist of Questions for Your Wedding DJ

Every wedding needs a DJ to get the reception moving, and choosing the right one is an important part of planning a wedding. Be careful, though, There are plenty of amateurs out there, and not every DJ is going to be a good match for the atmosphere of a wedding. To make the right choice for… View Article
14 Mar
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Okanagan Weddings: Venue of the Week

This week we are talking about a particularly beautiful wedding venue that is best for weddings taking place in June to September in order to take advantage of some of its seasonal features. Now you may be thinking that it is a little premature of us to be talking about summer weddings as we begin… View Article
27 Feb

Okanagan Wedding: Photographer of the Week

Here at Airwaves we love the fact that with every new wedding or event we book comes the chance to work with local vendors, whether they are big or small companies. Lately we’ve wanted to showcase these local wedding vendors and let any of you planning a wedding know how great they are! This blog… View Article